Israel HLS 2012

The Tamar Group Team
Delegation of Mexican Secretaries of Public Security & Justice Dept.
Tamar Group booth
Mr. Boaz Hayoun, Tamar Group CEO and Ms. Erika Shields, Deputy Chief of Atlanta Police
BioExplorers Detection System being presented to worldwide press
Mr. Yitzhak Aharonovitch, Israel's Minister of Public Security
Mr. Eran Lumbroso, BioExplorers CTO and Mr. Yohanan Danino, Israeli's Chief of Police
BioExplorers Detection System being presented to worldwide press
Yuval Amsterdam – VP Homeland Security Division
Presenting X-Test product line

Huge Success for Tamar Group at the 2nd Homeland Security International Conference in Israel

The conference focused on the latest developments and security trends around the world. About 2300 people -- of which some 650 from more than 40 different countries -- representing government and security agencies, as well as the Israeli security industry, attended the conference. It included presentations and discussion panels geared towards global cooperation, new technology frontiers, and solutions within Homeland Security.

Tamar Group (Gold sponsor) launched BioExplorers, a revolutionary detection system based on biological sensors. The system drew significant attention and attracted media coverage from all around the world. The unique capabilities of the system present an innovative approach to security, providing high detection rates and very low false and nuisance alarms.

Tamar Group also demonstrated its other innovative solutions suitable for a wide range of security applications. The X-Test product line provides inert explosive simulants used for training security personnel and for equipment qualification.

XDsystems provides knowledge-based software infrastructure for security management and equipment simulation. TMI blast mats provide unique shielding protection.

We thank all our colleagues, partners and visitors for taking part in this important event. Tamar Group looks forward to many fruitful and lasting collaborations.